“The Other White Dress” Bridal Collection by Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Perfete / Wednesday October 7, 2020

We’ve made it half way through another week in 2020 so let’s celebrate by feasting our eyes on this beautiful new wedding dress collection. “The Other White Dress” by Morilee by Madeline Gardner is “comprised of 10 clean timeless looks fit for a casual or small intimate ceremony, chic wedding reception or surrounding events. The company which is steeped in rich history and brand heritage understands that weddings and their surrounding events are evolving past the wedding chapel, into intimate backyard gatherings, memorable vineyard and beach ceremonies & beyond.” With brides having to be more flexible this year and with ceremony and receptions being more intimate and scaled back, dresses from this collection would perfectly complement many scenarios. Most importantly, they still feel bridal -which is so important, because we absolutely think brides should feel special and glamorous during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

“I’ve designed The Other White Dress collection with personalization at the forefront of each style,” said the designer. “A blank canvas for my brides to make their own, and bring their wedding day vision to life. From effortlessly chic to sophisticated and ultra-glamorous, this collection provides simple, sleek looks that can be versatility styled to beautifully complement any type of wedding setting. The perfect modern- day dresses for today’s ever-evolving bride.”