Socially Distanced Drive By Birthday Inspiration

Perfete / Thursday September 24, 2020


We’ve all had to get pretty creative with celebrations this year. From birthdays to anniversaries to baby showers and everything in between, parties have definitely required some extra thinking and precaution. When quarantine first hit, we saw a lot of “drive by” celebrations. It’s such a fun and beautiful way to show a loved one just how loved they are, even when you can’t be as close as you wanted. Honestly, I think this is something that could continue to be a trend even once we get to the other side of this, because there’s such an exciting element to all the signs, honking cars and balloons. Enter, this adorable socially distanced birthday celebration by One Social Design.

“This little drive thru parade was put together in the middle of COVID/quarantine this year,” said Erika from One Social Design. “We wanted something fun and bubbly like the birthday girl, Yaslene’s, personality. She’s an accomplished and avid dancer so wanted to go with something artsy and that had movement. So we went with bright hues starting with her favorite,  bright pink. We opted for the fun and yummy treats you would expect to have at a real in-person party. We handed out cotton candy and ice cream for the kids. Meanwhile having pizza and margaritas for the adults ( yes they were sealed in mason jars – no drinking and driving!)”