This Will Help You Cut Down Your Wedding Guest List

Perfete / Friday July 3, 2020

cut down wedding guest list

Ahhh the guest list. Perhaps the most treacherous wedding duty of all time. You somehow have to manage to balance a million thoughts and expectations at once, all while planning your dream wedding,  including: what is the split of invites between your two families? Maybe your husband has a much bigger/smaller family than yours and the disproportion is causing issues. Do you have to invite your long lost cousin? What about including/not including small children? How do you manage plus ones? Are any of your friends going to make the cut after all these family members? And, who the heck is going to pay for all of these people??

Worry not my friends. While putting together the guest list will never be an easy task, it can certainly be easier with this handy dandy wedding guest list editor. This is even more important in light of Covid-19 restrictions. Guest invites are now a very sacred and limited commodity. You have to pick and choose those invited to your weddings moving forward and we know this will help. For any potential invitee that you are unsure about, run them through this Perfête approved flow chart/gauntlet and all will become clear. I know it can feel a bit brutal, but remember, this is YOUR wedding day.  It’s about your love and celebrating all that comes with it – don’t let the minutia drag you down. You got this!