Keeping our Creative Minds Active with this Cactus Succulent Themed Party Inspiration

Kunbi O / Wednesday March 18, 2020

Hey friends. We know things are chaotic right now, and feeling really weird. We’re praying you all stay safe and healthy, we are in this together and keeping the faith with you. Now, in between stocking up and staying informed, it is still important to give your brain a break from the news and do something creative. So for now, we are going to stick to our regularly scheduled programming to allow you to take breathers and daydream future better times.

One thing we cannot WAIT for is the day we can emerge from our little quarantine pods and celebrate life and love. This cactus themed soiree got our creative minds whirling today. The desserts are truly incredible – they look like real plants! The “Lookin Sharp” sign is cute and cheeky, adding a fun spin on the theme. The outdoor setting is perfect for the plant details and all in all is such a fun concept.