Constellation Party Inspiration with Matte Black, Gold, Glass and Wood Details

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday September 3, 2019


I saw so many posts from my friends and family back home in the Midwest about the amazing Northern Lights sightings this weekend. The conditions were just right and the dazzling displays were certainly a sight to be seen (seeing this amazing event of nature is super high on my bucket list). To keep with the celestial theme, we’re sharing this beautiful Constellation themed event captured by Wolfcrest Photography. While it has some themes we always love (greenery, gold details, chic spots to lounge and cocktail) there’s something unique about it that we just love. The decor is also so versatile, and would work well for just about any occasion, whether it be wedding reception, birthdays or even a dinner party! Here’s all the details from Romin Zandi of Zandi Entertainment, who put together the event:


The Constellation stands for a group of stars! We had three main goals when putting The Constellation together: 1) We wanted to give back wedding & event planners who work so hard planning events and wanted to give them an opportunity to have an event that was planned and curated just for them, just to put their feet up and enjoy. 2) We wanted to showcase the brand new event space at “Chefscape” and 3) We wanted to put our partners in a position to showcase their work in a different manner then what they normally create for weddings, but also give them the opportunity to connect with individuals they have never worked with.

Our theme colors and textures included matte black, gold, glass & wood! We started with an urban wooden table that featured gold metal Gatsby chairs. Our tablescape included glass spiral gold base plates with a halo black dinner & gilded chain salad plate on top. We kept with the gold theme by incorporating tableware from Select Event Group called Odessa. Our pianist, Sean Mahon, played a mixture of old and contemporary covers to create an eclectic inviting ambiance for our cocktail hour and dinner.