Hamda Al Fahim’s New Line of Vibrant Colorful Evening Gowns

Kunbi O / Sunday April 21, 2019

True story: I have never seen a Hamda Al Fahim gown that I haven’t loved. The UAE-based designer continuously and consistently blows my mind with each release. Her ability to create striking visual masterpieces with every piece is unmatched (if you don’t believe me, see here, here, and here). This Spring/Summer 2019 Collection however, is my absolute fave. With vibrant colorful gowns and swoon-worthy feminine silhouettes, this Sky Inspired line of evening gowns is bound to make even the dreamiest Disney princess super jealous. If you’re looking to turn heads at your next event or drop-jaws at your wedding, there’s a gown for you here. I could go on and on about it but where’s the fun in that? Check it out y’all!

Hamda Al Fahim Spring/Summer 2019

Convinced? Amazing right? You can view more pictures of this collection and pricing for each gown here.