Friday Faves

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday March 15, 2019

Happy Friday babes, you made it! We all know that Friday’s in the office are a real joke after lunch time (I mean, are you really gonna start that project NOW? Nahhhh). So to help fill those last few hours til freedom, we rounded up some things we’ve found interesting this week, are on our mind, or we just plain think are pretty. Until then, hang in there – happy hour is just around the corner 😉


1.) A definitive ranking of the best french fries (this is v important)

2.) This is not a drill: Britney’s coming to Broadway

3.) Pay it forward. 20 random acts of kindness to try today

4.) Bust out the apron. We’re dying to whip up this delish sun dried tomato and kale pasta in a white wine sauce.

5.) Obsessed with this chic spring bag for babes on a budget.

6.) The secret to smooth foundation from top makeup artists.

7.) Our inner 90’s kid is pretty pumped for the Aladdin reboot.

8.) On the most dramatic disappointing season finale in bachelor history.

9.) Ready your passports: this city has the best quality of life in the world.

10.) 7 gorgeous spring hair-color trends to try out this season