Say Yes to the Suit! Up Your Groom’s Style with The Black Tux

Perfete / Tuesday July 10, 2018


When you think wedding style, your mind probably goes right to the dress, yes? And while we’re, without a doubt, huge proponents of making the most of your bridal fashion moment, we also believe that the moment should be shared with your hubby-to-be. This is, after all, the most photographed day of THEIR lives too. So let’s talk about groom style for a sec.


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While we’ll never turn our backs on a classic black tuxedo (it’s a timeless staple for a reason), we’re absolutely LOVING all the color and personality in groom suits that have been popping up all over our feeds. I think we can attribute this to social media, a love of colorful images and celebrity influence. Modern groom attire takes a nod from red carpet style in a variety of ways: bold colors, unique patterns and tuxedos that create contrast, to name a few.

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Credit: Alison Slater

Looking for a more fashion-forward option?  Have some fun with accessories! Bow ties, pocket squares, socks, cuff links, shoes – there are SO many opportunities to add pops of color and unique details to the groom look. Also, we love the idea of a dress loafer over a traditional lace up dress shoe. Keep it modern, yes?

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Credit: Angelica Maria

If your hubby is looking to think outside the traditional box for his wedding day look (or if you’re one of our male readers – what’s up!) then we definitely recommend you check out The Black Tux.  When someone says “rental tux,” you probably think of awkwardly fitting suits made of cheap materials, and a lifetime of embarrassing wedding photos. You’re right, renting a suit sucks. That’s why The Black Tux has changed it. They make high-end suits and tuxedos, designed for a better fit with the finest wool available, rented online and delivered to your door. There’s finally a suit rental worthy of your wedding day. Browse through their collection and start renting today!