Mihano Mimosa 2018 Bridal Collection

Perfete / Monday July 23, 2018

Follow us down the rabbit hole as we share the stunning 2018 Bridal Collection by Mihano MomosaMihano Momosa is a brand devoted to a woman and places her in the center of it’s creativity by giving her the title of a princess and inserting her into a modern fairy tale context. This collection is so unique, so creative and the shoot is really really, well, COOL. If we had to describe the collection in a word, it would be texture. Sheer lace with polka dots. Big, beautiful floral appliques. A truly showstopping gown made of feathers. We also love the use of beautiful script on bows and some of the dresses themselves. This collection falls into the category of art, first and foremost, and offers some truly unforgettable bridal looks for your wedding day. Scroll for some killer fashion: