It’s More than a Ring: 3 Tips on How to Care for Your New Bling

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday June 7, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just said YES to the man of your dreams (congrats girl!) You’ve got some sparkly new bling on your finger that you cannot stop staring at, and you’re definitely using your left hand way more when you talk to show that sparkle off. Who could blame you? This is hands down one of the most exciting moments of your life. It’s so much more than a ring; It’s the beginning of so many wonderful celebrations and a promise of life long love. So, you want to make sure you take very good care of it. Our friends at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group have 3 great tips on how to care for your engagement ring:

1.) Keep it clean and sparkly

pear shaped engagement ring - insurance


As you go about your day to day, your beautiful new ring will inevitably pick up some dirt and grime and lose a bit of the luster you first saw when your hubby opened the little ring box. To keep it super sparkly, use some homemade jewelry cleaner  and gently scrub with a new, baby-size, soft toothbrush in a bowl of Dawn dish detergent and warm water. Dry with paper towel or regular cloth, being careful not to snag prongs. When you’re not wearing it, store the ring in a clean, dry place. On top of at home cleaning, be sure to visit your jeweler twice a year for a professional cleaning and inspection.

2.) Travel smart

With the engagement comes all sorts of trips. If you’re planning a destination wedding, there’s venue trips. Bachelorette parties. And, of course, the honeymoon. You want to make sure you keep that gorgeous ring safe during your travels. When you fly, 100% always either wear your ring or pack it in your carry-on, never check it.  Handle your carry-on yourself and definitely use the hotel safe rather than the room safe if you’re going snorkeling or on some type of excursion. (P.S. do not wear that ring in the ocean!)

3.) Get it insured

Probably the most important tip on this list is to get that bling insured. Your hubby-to-be most likely spent a pretty penny on that beauty, not to mention the sentimental value that you absolutely cannot put a price on. This is where Jewelers Mutual® comes in. Jewelers Mutual is an insurance company that exclusively insures jewelry. The company was started by jewelers for jewelers over 100 years ago – in 1913 – so you know they have experience in keeping your most precious pieces protected. Their policies are the most comprehensive in the business, offering:

  • Worldwide travel coverage
  • Flexibility to work with your own jeweler
  • Optional $0 deductible
  • Coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance

Whether you’re recently engaged or already married, Jewelers Mutual makes getting a personalized online quote quick and easy. Not only will you be protected in case anything happens, you’ll have peace of mind during what will likely be a pretty hectic year of wedding planning. So keep that ring clean, be smart when you travel and most of all – get that bling insured!