Get the Look: How to Use Rugs as Wedding Aisle Decorations

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday June 27, 2018

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Planning a wedding consists of many moving parts, like your dress, flower arrangements, cake, entertainment, guest list and so much more. Decor is one of the most important parts of a wedding because it can really set the tone and vibe for your guests. There are many new trends out there, and rug aisle decor is one of them. A rug, at a wedding? You may be asking yourself how this could possibly work. Well, it does, for any kind of wedding. Think about it, rugs add a little extra something, whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, small or large – a rug can be the perfect accent to tie everything together.

Rugs also give you another form of expression, where you can select a significant color or pattern for your big day. However, you can’t just throw down any rug or rug arrangement or you can unintentionally add unnecessary tackiness to your wedding. Depending on the style of your wedding, there are different things to keep in mind when using rugs. Read on for five ways you can use rugs as wedding aisle decorations.


Boho Weddings

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If you’re going for a more boho themed wedding, mix and match different rugs to create an eclectic aisle. They will also act as the perfect buffer between your shoes and gravel or rocks. You don’t want your heels to sink or become ruined. Check out local vintage stores or secondhand shops that will surely have affordable options before you jump to commitment. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on the rugs you use for your aisle if you don’t feel like you’ll use them again. Persian rugs have the power to create a more relaxed environment, so if that’s what you’re going for, find an array to use at the wedding and reception.


City Sleek Weddings

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You can easily use rugs to transform an intimate ceremony into a more natural and relaxed space. This is especially true for city weddings that may be in an industrial space or other more bare and modern spaces. Use rugs as your bold accessory against the plainer background around you. Opt for a rug with bold and warmer colors to really create an interesting dynamic in decor. It will create a focal point and bring all of the attention to the wedding party and bride.


Outdoor Weddings

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Create your own runway with a long aisle runner to lead the way to the altar. At the altar, consider layering different rugs to distinguish the ceremony location from the rest of the lawn. Make sure you stay within the same color palette, so your rugs look like they belong together. Add a bunch of florals, like rose petals and white string lights to create the perfect magical wedding in the woods.


Minimalist Weddings

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If you’re taking a minimalist approach on your big day, consider putting down an array of different white rugs in a variety of styles and shapes. Fringed rugs are a great addition to a minimalist wedding because they add texture. If you feel like you will never use your white rugs again because white rugs can be high maintenance, you can always find a rug rental company. This way you can justify the use of white rugs at your wedding.

If your wedding space is on the smaller size, use a rug to make your space feel larger. It’s an optical illusion that can work in any space. Remember, the larger the rug, the larger the space will feel.


Country Chic Weddings

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You can even use rugs for country chic weddings. Find a few vintage cowhides for the altar and aisle areas to really bring the whole country look together. Add wicker baskets and hanging lanterns in the trees to add to the ambiance.

Rug additions can also be placed around different parts of an outdoor reception area and become perfect seating areas for guests. If you’re surrounded by trees, strategically place rugs under trees and seating on top for an intimate conversation spot for those other couples in attendance. After all, weddings naturally ignite the romance in everyone, so create an intimate atmosphere to match.

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Using rugs in your wedding can transform any style. Whether that style is boho, country or city chic, indoors or outdoors, during the day or night, the right rugs can become the perfect accents. Incorporate this unique element into your space, and feel free to use a variety of different styles – shapes, sizes, and colors. After you say your vows, rugs can then be moved to your reception to create a cozier and at-home feel for your guests. If you choose to purchase your rugs, they’ll be perfect in your first home together after the wedding. This way you can incorporate your special day into your new everyday lives together and bring the happy memories along for the ride.


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