Stunning Sunset Engagement Shoot in St. Augustine

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday April 30, 2018

Happy Monday lovers! To fight off the Monday blues, we’re sharing one of the most gorgeous engagement shoots pretty much ever. This shoot celebrates the joining of two beautiful cultures in a picture perfect setting.  “Pakistani & Indian weddings are so rich in culture, there is truly nothing like them,” said Naba Zabih Photography. “I have been honored to be the photographer of so many desi weddings and yet I am truly in awe each time. These beautiful humans reminded me of a time of old love and royalty. The timeless architecture of St. Augustine was so incredible against their deep jewel tone colored clothes and made the story so easy to tell. Elegance and beauty fell hand in hand as we walked the halls of the Lightner Museum and the sands around Fort. Castillo. We had all driven two hours to get to the destination and were almost out of light by the time we got there, but those last golden rays of the sun fell so perfect and warmly in those final moments, we couldn’t help but laugh at how amazing things work out sometimes.”



Photography: Naba Zabih Photography | Submitted via: Matchology