The White Wedding Dress Collection by Tarik Ediz

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday March 6, 2018

Monday is officially over (we made it!) so let’s celebrate with some stunning gowns. The White Dress Collection by Tarik Ediz is ultra feminine, elegant and all around spectacular. This line features lots and lots of lace, making it perfect for the classic bride who’s looking for a more modern silhouette. The flowing fabrics make each dress appear to be in constant motion, which adds to the surreal moment of walking down the aisle. From the designer:  “Every single Tarik Ediz dress is manufactured in his atelier in İstanbul, under his watchful eye. Every dress manufactured is a show of skillful craftsmanship and skillful tailoring. His unique designs and outstanding quality has carried Tarik Ediz from Istanbul to the international arena.” Keep scrolling for our favorites from this stunning wedding dress collection: