Fall Engagement Shoot at Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk in Chicago

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday January 29, 2018
Happy Monday lovers! We’re kicking off the week with this beautiful fall engagement shoot. Bill and Rachel got engaged at the Naperville Riverwalk at the beginning of this year. They met while working, however, their paths rarely crossed since they were in different departments, but as fate would have it, they are now together and getting married this year!


“I was out during the afternoon having lunch, and when I returned home I got this sense that Bill wasn’t home (we share a car so this was unusual),” said Rachel.  “I wandered around the apartment looking for him when I spotted a trail of rose petals leading to our room. When I got there, there was another trail leading me to the computer. When I got on the computer, I saw a list of instructions telling me to follow the link to Sporcle and to not open the second document until I’ve done so. If you are unfamiliar with Sporcle, it is a quiz game website where you can play or create your own quiz which is something Bill and I enjoyed doing together when we first started dating. The Sporcle quiz game he created had a series of photos associated with memories that were significant to us, it asked questions such as “where was our first date?” “where did I tell you I love you?”, etc. I was so flustered that I responded incorrectly to most of the questions. The last photo on the quiz game was of the Naperville Riverwalk bridge and I was instructed to meet him there. When I arrived, he asked me the final quiz question “Where did I ask you to marry me?” And then he proposed!”


Bokeh Studios took their engagement photos at Lincoln Park’s Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. Editor Brianna also took her engagement pics there, so this spot holds a special place in our heart! And we are totally feeling the adorable iPhone shot – what a unique idea! Congrats to this adorable  couple.




Photography: Bokeh Studios | Submitted via: Matchology