Romantic Outdoor Wedding at Stone Tower Winery

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday December 27, 2017

No need for the post-holiday blues, todays’s feature has all the gorgeousness and sparkle you need to keep the magic comin’. Even better? Two of our wonderful Pretty Perfect Partners, videographer Chip Dizard and photographer Trene’ Forbes masterfully captured this picture perfect day. 

David and Melesa met in their early 30’s. “We were both spiritually grounded, college educated, established in our careers and seemed to be on the path of obtaining many of the life goals we set for ourselves….except for the goal related to our love life.  As neighbors yet strangers to one another, the course of our love lives was headed in the same direction and en route for a collision.  After both ending on again, off again relationships for the final time and entering a season of solitude and contentment, our paths crossed thanks to co-worker and friend, Nathaniel, who introduced us to one another as neighbors.  By the end of the first conversation, we both agreed that it seemed like we had known each other for years.  Dates followed, a courtship ensued and after confirmation that it was God’s destiny for us to be together, we were engaged on December 21, 2016 and married 8 months later on August 11, 2017.  Our wedding day was much like our two year courtship….beautiful, fun, family oriented, unpredictable and filled with the presence of God and our faith. Even with the threat of rain on our outdoor wedding ceremony, we stood on what we knew to be true.” Now that’s the kind of faith that gives us chills. 



The Ceremony

“We proceeded with our dream of an outdoor ceremony even though the 8 hours of preparation on the wedding day consisted of several roller coaster rides, including the serious threat of an approaching storm.  Drops of rain fell steadily on guests as the ceremony began, but something miraculous happened when we grabbed hands in front of the officiating pastor.  Birds began singing, the sun appeared from behind a bed of clouds and the rain stopped.  Despite the rumbling of thunder and the rapid speed of rolling dark clouds, the skies did not open up and pour down rain until the ceremony ended, the wedding party marched out and every single guest made it inside the reception hall for cocktail hour.  What a miracle for us to witness and share with every guest that attended.  We know that our journey together as husband and wife is just beginning but if it started like that, we are truly excited about the things to come!  We get many people to compliment us on how cute we are together, but the true beauty of our connection is something that is stored deep within and cannot be seen with the natural eye.  Cheers, to a life of love, prayer and perseverance!” Amen!


The Reception



Event Planner: RAE Affairs:| Photographer: Trene’ Forbes| Videographer: Chip Dizard | Tuxedo: Miguel Wilson |Bride Dress: *House of Jon Atelier| Florals: J Morris Florals |DJ: Sixth Sense| Band: Let it flow| Hair Stylist Tanisha Queen | Makeup- Angela Elliott | Decor: Katie at JMorris Flowers | Caterer: Rocklands|  Cake: Kupcakes & Co.|   Venue: Stone tower (Lauren and Jillian)