How to Choose an Engagement Ring Based on Your Personality

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday December 22, 2017

Unless you’ve been on a social media detox lately, we’re sure there’s been a common theme in your newsfeed. That’s right, it’s engagement season. With the holidays and that extra dose of magic in the air, it’s no surprise that year after year men everywhere choose this special time to get down on one knee. If you and your man are getting close to making this big step, you’ve probably been pinning and googling engagement ring ideas like crazy (and maybe even *accidentally* leaving your pinterest page open for your hubby to see 😉 ) If you’re still not sure which way to go, we’ve got some ideas for you! If you’re a classic Blair Waldorf/Charlotte York kinda gal, it’s no question that you’ll be going with a round solitaire.  But if you’re more on the artsy or minimalistic side, you might be leaning towards a gemstone or alternative style. Whether you’re type A, a free spirit or fall somewhere in between, we’ve got ideas on how to choose an engagement ring based on your personality. And don’t forget to follow our APBling account for a daily dose of ring inspiration!

For the Artsy, thrift-shop lover


If you’re sporty & outdoorsy



For the fashionista, trendsetter


If you’re a total glamour-girl


Type-A and classic, raise your hand



For the boho-obsessed, non-traditional bride

Credit: Etsy


If you’re into gemstones

Credit: Etsy


For the eco-enthusiast

Credit: Ada Diamonds (conflict-free rings, lab created!)


If you love rose gold


For the budget-conscious bride

Credit: Etsy


If you’re totally royal-obsessed