BERTA Fall/Winter Seville Collection

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday December 5, 2017

We’ve always been huge fans of Berta at Aisle Perfect. The designs are consistently unique, glamorous and basically fill us with major dress envy (is it time to do a vow renewal yet?) Their latest collection is of course no exception. The 2018 BERTA Fall/Winter Seville Collection is unlike any other, celebrating the design and craftsmanship capabilities to their max, with all dresses made from the finest materials. The glamorous theme of sparkle and shine mixed with classic, timeless silhouettes creates a beautiful versatility. It’s unique to find such vintage styles with new and exciting fabrications. Each and every style is a mix of many different fabrics and embellishment, which is couture in all aspects. It’s a rigorous and long process but worth every minute of. You can see Berta’s fingerprints throughout the whole collection.

These are gowns that were created for the bride who wears them down the aisle, to feel her very best, regal-like, on the biggest and most special day of her life. This is the whole notion that Berta strives for – and simply gets time and time again.