Sachin & Babi Bridal SS18

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday April 21, 2017


You guessed it: we’ve got a ton more stunning gowns from NYBFW to share with you. Now would probably be a good time to settle in with a nice glass of Pinot and open up Pinterest because we’re gonna keep em coming.  The Sachin &Babi Spring/Summer 2018 bridal collection explores the notion of Spring as a cycle of renewal, just as a wedding itself is a fresh start and the beginning of a new chapter.

“We started with images depicting the archetypal tree of life and studied its imagery while weighing its larger themes of rebirth.  This led to a collection that is organic and full of life.  We chose luxurious fabrics and let them drape themselves, allowing their natural shape to dictate the silhouettes.  We played with a mix of traditional and contemporary silhouettes, placing refined coat dresses and elegant pantsuits alongside our gowns, staying true to our love of texture and embroidery.  This season’s bride wants to make a lasting impression, she is graceful and elegant with an eye for luxurious detail.” What we adore about this collection is how each gown is SO unique. For the bride looking to make a major fashion statement on her wedding day, look no further: