Galia Lahav SS 2018 Collection: Victorian Affinity

Kunbi O / Saturday April 22, 2017

Inspired by the outstanding Victorian era in England and its parallel phase in France – “Le Belle Epoque”, The Galia Lahav SS 2018 Bridal Collection brings vintage elegance to the forefront. The aptly named “Victorian Affinity” collection features timeless romantic looks with an industrial aesthetic.

From the Designer:

These periods were characterized by changes and innovations in various fields, such as the Industrial Revolution. The day to day atmosphere was recognized with optimism, and so we added our touch of romance and admiration to the feminine body. We dedicate this collection to Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix, a designer that challenged the victorian style, in it’s era and, made a change of how we perceive femininity. A bridal gown should be treated and fitted with love and care, as carried on a bride in her wedding day, and so we bring you our perception of it. Our Victorian affinity.

You’ll find delicate textured laces, deep colored backgrounds, careful attention to details and an atmosphere of ‘sheerness against substantial elements of lace’. Alongside varied Victorian motifs, such as high collars that draws the eyes to the collar bones, you’ll notice dramatic Victorian capes and sleeves (which are also detachable!). In this special collection we put great emphasis on games of volume in one garment, creating a chimeric silhouettes and endless trains. The color palette is of porcelain ivory, dusted silver, washed pinks, smoky blush and cream that completes the touch of this collection. — Galia Lahav