Cynthia and Ekwere’s Magical Maldives Honeymoon

Kunbi O / Thursday February 16, 2017

After months (or sometimes, years!) of planning the perfect wedding, there’s nothing quite like the relief and relaxtion that comes from a well planned honeymoon. And since there’s enough work that goes into wedding planning, we’re here to recommend the top picks for the perfect honeymoon. For our second installment of our Honeymoon Destination Series, we’re sharing this stunning Maldives honeymoon from newlywed Cynthia.

I think every wedding lover should know about the Maldives. One of the holy grails of honeymoons, Maldives is a nation of 26 islands called atolls (all reachable by seaplane from the main island ‘Male’) . The selling point for this destination has to be it’s over-water bungalows – Yum! That being said, the sheer richness of the Ocean and the lush beaches are what make Maldives such an amazing honeymoon spot. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy Cynthia and Ekwere’s honeymoon pictures.

From Cynthia:

The Maldives are just as magical as everyone thinks. Seriously, it is out of this world! It is such a small country located right on the Indian Ocean with several islands.We stayed at the Velassaru Maldives which was about a few miles away from the airport  and capitalwhich was the best decision ever especially after such an exhausting 20 hours flight. Our resort was about a 20mins boat ride and it was perfect only because it offered everything we wanted without having to fly the sea plane to a further island. We were blown away by the hospitality we received by the hotel concierge straight from the airport until we got to the resort and I can truly say we were pretty much treated like royalty.  Everything about this resort was amazing, from the food to the drinks, people , ambiance, and everything you can think about. The only thing I recommend to travelers is to make sure they maximize the hotel benefits or anything it comes with because Maldives is not that pocket friendly. We booked a complete meal plan by contacting the hotel directly before flying which saved us a few hundreds so I highly recommend that to all travelers.

It goes without saying that we enjoyed our time at the Maldives; from the food, to the crystal clear water and the amazing hospitality; everything was a perfect 10. I couldn’t think of a more perfect honeymoon after our trip. Waking up every day on an island to transparent blue lagoons, white sand beaches, bright sun, warm turquoise water, blue skies was everything I imagined and more. Overall, I highly recommend the Maldives to anyone considering an unforgettable destination. There are truly no words or pictures enough to show how beautiful this island is and I certainly hope to return some day.