7 Tips For Buying the Groom’s Wedding Ring

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday February 7, 2017

If you cut a guy loose in the grocery store odds are he will make a bee-line directly to where the items are on his shopping list. Once selected, he will turn around, take a direct path to the checkout and exit the building. Total time spent shopping: under ten minutes. As this is known as ‘destination shopping’ it is a habit that cannot be applied in the process of shopping for men’s rings. In fact, it is best to not leave the ring shopping up to the groom-to-be or best man. That’s because several factors need to be considered before the ring purchase in order to make a correct and suitable selection. This is a shopping trip that should not be taken lightly, and luckily our friends at Mens Rings Online have given us some tips to make that job a little easier on both you and him.

Tip #1 – His Lifestyle

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all-lifestyle ring. What may be the perfect ring for Cousin Murray may not be precisely the right one for your man. You need to take a look at what he typically does with his hands in order to determine what kind of ring would be best. Remember, a wedding ring is a forever item so it needs to fit not only perfectly in size but it needs to suit the guy perfectly with his lifestyle.

Some questions to answer along this part of the selection process will include:

  • Will he be wearing the wedding ring while he works?
    There are requirements for many different trades that forbid wearing jewelry, including wedding rings, at work as they can become a safety hazard. This is particularly true for men who work with machinery.
  • Does he work with his hands as a manual labourer?
    Those men who work with their hands, such as tradesmen or enjoy hobbies such as gardening may damage their rings doing the things they love. This will have a bearing on style and material choice.
  • Will he be wearing it all the time or only when not at work?
    As some work environments are not safe for men wearing rings, you may have to decide on whether or not an unusual style would be best when he does wear it. Possibly the time spent wearing a ring will be a special time for him which may call for a special kind of ring selection.
  • Does he participate in sporting activities?
    Men who are active in sports, in anything from golf and soccer to rock climbing and scuba diving, demand a ring that fits this active lifestyle. The correct choice of wedding ring will have to address these activities and not become a hazard or reduce their playing skills.

Tip #2 – His Personality

  • He Is Not Into Something Fancy
    There is nothing wrong with wanting a wedding ring that is more ring than bling. This is far more common than you may think and ring designers have tuned into this trend years ago. A classic design in various different widths and shapes may be the most appealing to this kind of guy.
  • His Is Open Different But Not Over The Top
    Again, ring designers have created many different styles with slightly unique looks that set them apart from classic designs. These rings have such variations as ribbed edges, a gold inlay stripe, different texture types and many other unique looks.
  • He Is Looking For Something Very Different
    Ring designers have created some very distinct looking rings combining different textures, materials, symbols and materials. Gold and silver are no longer the standard choices. Wedding rings are also available in tungsten and there are also titanium rings to choose from.
  • He Is A Techie Guy Who Would Love Something Modern
    Speaking of titanium rings, this high-tech metal is used in many scientific applications around the world. It also makes for a rather striking looking titanium wedding band. Tungsten carbide is another good choice for the techie and is virtually scratch resistant.
  • He Is Daring, Bold And Confident
    Possibly something with a rather unusual design or pattern would be the best choice. This could be a ring made with multiple metals or shaped like a puzzle or some other interesting pattern. Think of this ring choice as something that will instantly become a conversation piece.
  • He Comes From A Specific Cultural/Ethic Background
    There are men’s rings that can fit various heritage backgrounds. For example, a diamond ring may be best if he is Italian. If he is Irish then a Celtic or claddagh ring would be the best fit. There may also be some styles that would have to be avoided based on culture or ethnicity.

Tip #3 – His Comfort

If he has never worn a ring before, he may be hesitant. With this in mind, ring designers have combined different widths and additional features to the look and feel of a wedding ring. These features include curved edges on the outside of the ring and a comfort curve on the inside of the ring. Bigger hands may call for naturally wider ring sizes, but too wide a ring may become uncomfortable over time. Additionally, sometimes a ring size larger than should be worn may be more comfortable on him. Also, big, clunky styles can also become uncomfortable over time.

Tip #4 – His Metal

  • Choosing Platinum Rings
    Aside from the fact that platinum is far more expensive than gold, it is a denser metal. For example, because of its weight, a ring made from platinum will feel heavier than a gold ring. It is a white metal and rings made with this metal are going to last a very long time. There will be far fewer choices of rings made from platinum, but resizing is possible should one require this.
  • Choosing Titanium Rings
    As titanium is three times stronger than steel, this is the hardest natural metal on earth. It comes in a silvery-grey-white colour and although it is so strong, it is also lightweight. What makes titanium rings so attractive is that they are hypoallergenic so anyone can wear one and there will be no skin reaction. Some people will react to gold and other metals. Titanium is a good metal for rings as it is resistant to scratches, dents and bending and much more so than platinum, gold or silver. The only real downside to a titanium wedding band is that it cannot be soldered which means resizing is out of the question. For a guy who is a bit on the rough side and active, this is a great selection for a ring.
  • Choosing Gold Rings
    A gold wedding ring has been a popular choice for centuries. Before picking one of these you need to decide on gold colour and carat. For example, gold carats commonly used in men’s rings are 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. This is an indicator of how much gold is used in the ring metal. The higher the carat, the more expensive the ring. The colour choices for gold range from yellow, white and rose. You may even be able to find unusual variations including lime, red, bronze and peach gold. Should the ring require resizing during its lifetime, a basic gold ring will be easier to resize with minimal alteration to the look of the ring.
  • Choosing Tungsten Rings
    This relatively new entry into the world of rings is an extremely hard metal. This makes it durable and strong and as for pricing it comes in under platinum and gold but is about the same as titanium rings. These rings are generally grey-white in colour and are scratch resistant. The finish is a ‘permanent polish’ so they never look old or dirty. Another consideration to keep in mind is that tungsten rings are much heavier in weight than most other metals. This makes it a good choice if your guy is one of those big fellas who can wear a large, heavy ring. That being said, these rings are not capable of being resized as they cannot be cut or soldered.

Tip #5 – His Maintenance

Something both you and him will have to come to grips with is that regardless of what you spend on your men’s ring, it will scratch – except ones made from tungsten. Although platinum and titanium rings are more scratch resistant than silver or gold, they will sooner or later show a scratch. Wedding rings, especially those worn daily, are going to scratch simply because of the time in which they are worn and the environments they are worn in. A wedding ring is going to get scratched at some point, unless it’s tungsten. Having said that, there are different kinds of finishes that will make it possible to not see a scratch so easily. Textured or etched finishes work best in this instance.

Tip #6 – His Preferences

Here are a few more points to keep in mind when you are shopping for his ring. These are all matters that should be resolved before making the first trip to the jewelry store and may require a return visit or more to assist with narrowing down the choices prior to making a final selection.

In no particular order they include:

  • He Wants Matching Wedding Rings
    While this is a common practice, it comes more from a romantic perspective than a practical one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having matching rings but the choices available to you will be limited somewhat if he wants a titanium wedding band with an etched pattern and you have your heart set on gold. The main reason why you should not attempt to purchase matching wedding rings is that typically your wedding ring will be a curved fitted ring to go along with your engagement ring. What is a good idea for matching wedding rings is to have a matching feature or element in both the ring he will be wearing and yours. This also opens up the possible combinations.
  • He Wants A Specific Style
    This is where you will have several options to choose from. Ring designers have developed a wide variety of styles that make even finding one to satisfy the most finicky guy quite possible. The styles range from simple bands to those with inlay stripes, step, round or flat edges and different metal combinations.

Tip #7 – His Ring

Once you’ve made it through this guide, the few choices remaining following a series of eliminations based on responses to the criteria above will include his eventual wedding ring. It’s an exciting process to follow when you consider what the end result will be. Once you take into account all the tips listed here, you will be able to find the perfect ring for him. Because, as we’ve stated above, a wedding ring is intended to be a long lasting piece of jewelry worn often – if not daily. As such, it has to fit the personality and style of your man without being awkward or uncomfortable. Be sure to ask for assistance and do not shop for the groom’s ring without him there for input.


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