At Home with Keurig® | Shaking off the Post- Wedding Blues

Feyi Bello / Friday October 14, 2016


“Make sure you take a few moments, just the two of you, to soak it all in.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff – if at the end of the day you get married, everything went perfectly.”

“Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to dance in.”

“Make sure you eat something!”

When you’re a bride-to-be, there is no shortage of advice coming at you from all angles, from everyone and their mother. Most of the time, this is really helpful and great stuff. Of course, you probably still won’t eat enough and the night will nevertheless go by in a flash, but it’s fun to talk about all of the details and tips and tricks leading up to your wedding day. But you know what people don’t really talk about, at all? What happens AFTER the wedding. After the cake has been cut, the thank you cards have been written and you’re back from the honeymoon…what next? No one warns you about the post-wedding blues. These feelings can definitely take you by surprise, but I’ve started to discover that it is totally normal and TOTALLY common. We’ve partnered with Keurig® to discuss the post-wedding blues and how to shake them off by creating new traditions and routines to look forward to every day with your husband. So, let’s talk about it.


After months, and sometimes years (let’s be real, you’ve had that secret Pinterest board going since your first date) of planning the most monumental day in your life, it’s completely natural for there to be a bit of a letdown when it’s over. There were so many beautiful, perfect days: the engagement party, the bridal showers, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal. Beautiful speeches and proclamations of love. Counting down the days on Insta and Facebook and taking engagement photos. These are seriously exciting moments! And then you have the day itself, which is filled with so many over the top, surreal moments that it already seems like a dream. And then the honeymoon where…well I know you made some memories there 😉 But do you see where I’m going with this? There’s no way to top all of these once in a lifetime moments. Coming back to reality can be very shocking. Also, since you’re not running around with your hair on fire planning a wedding anymore you might find yourself a little…bored? So I’m here to say yes, this is totally normal and okay but girl it’s time to shake it off and jump head first into the next chapter of your life with your new husband.


Brandon and I are so, so busy during the week that on the weekend we love to stay in bed as long as possible with a good book and a cup of coffee. We love to share that time together and it is truly something I look forward to each morning. Something so simple as heading downstairs, brewing our his and hers cups and sharing them over a book or a just chatting about our week really sets the tone for the day and causes us to pause and appreciate our time together. We also love to fill a thermos in the afternoons and head out for a walk in the neighborhood. There’s something about walking around on a beautiful day that’s so special – it’s truly one of our favorite things to do. We look at houses, daydream about what kind we’d like to buy one day and just enjoy moving and talking together. Thank you to our amazing #PrettyPerfectPartner Olu Jr  for capturing these beautiful shots of Brandon and I taking out time for these new traditions.



Since we both enjoy different kinds of coffee (I love all kinds of flavors while Brandon especially loves The Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cup® pods) Keurig® is the perfect option for us because of its ease, convenience and variety. Not to mention, the quality is top notch. Green Mountain Coffee® carefully sources the world’s best coffee, using only the top 10% of coffee beans in the world in their more than 50 distinct varieties of 100% Arabica coffee. We love our chic, white Keurig K250 Brewing System because it is truly top-of-the-line technology. And, it looks really cute in our kitchen, or when we’re feeling fancy, on a styled coffee cart for our guests. Lastly, the Keurig® Auto-Delivery service makes it easy to relax at home with my new husband without venturing out to fill our stock of K-Cup® pods! My advice to beat the post-wedding blues? Take some time to slow down. Settle into your new life together. Appreciate the small moments and daydream about the beautiful life you are already creating. Start new routines and establish your traditions as a family. Even something as simple as a shared cup of coffee can become your favorite part of the day <3



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