Berta Bridal Fall 2017 Runway Show – NYBFW

Feyi Bello / Monday October 10, 2016


One of our favorite collections from Bridal Market this year was the super sexy and glamorous Berta Bridal Fall 2017 Collection. The collection includes 30 masterpiece creations, sophisticated in cut & structure, and brings a new kind of aesthetics, emphasizing 3D flowers and lace appliqués design, along with rich embellishments and brave use of color.

These looks are really versatile, from boho, to art-deco, to straight up glamorous. Just like the variety that can be found in the world of flowers, where the inspiration for the collection came,  all are different from one another but equally pretty on their own right. Those are gowns that were created in order to get the bride who wears them down the aisle to blossom in the biggest day of her life. We are loving every second of this collection. Take a look at this amazing video put together by our very talented #PrettyPerfectPartner Nikki of Mae B. Films:

Here were our favorite looks at the Berta show:

berta-bridal-fall-2017-1 berta-bridal-fall-2017-2 berta-bridal-fall-2017-3 berta-bridal-fall-2017-4 berta-bridal-fall-2017-5 berta-bridal-fall-2017-6 berta-bridal-fall-2017-7 berta-bridal-fall-2017-8 berta-bridal-fall-2017-9 berta-bridal-fall-2017-10 berta-bridal-fall-2017-11 berta-bridal-fall-2017-12 berta-bridal-fall-2017-13 berta-bridal-fall-2017-14 berta-bridal-fall-2017-15 berta-bridal-fall-2017-17 berta-bridal-fall-2017-18