Nateanah and Gary’s Playful DC Engagement Shoot

Brianna Kozlarek / Thursday September 1, 2016

engagment cover

Today’s gorgeous engagement shoot by Wale Ariztos Photography has an even more beautiful love story behind it. It all began during homecoming season. Nateanah had been introduced to Gary and his friends through her long time girlfriend Ashley. As the two groups of friends spent more and more time together Gary and Nateanah began to notice each other more and more. Soon Gary would ask Nateanah to lunch at Miss Shirley’s and the first date turned into many dates, and one year turned into four. During that time they worked on their friendship first, built a playful, yet unbreakable bond, and learned to appreciate what makes the other special.

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The Proposal

The morning of August 8, 2015 Gary and Nateanah were getting ready to drive to a local Virginia winery for a date Gary had been planning for several weeks. They headed out around 11am or so, leaving what Nateanah thought would be enough time to go to the Erykah Badu concert afterwards. All morning she searched for tickets and nearly purchased them when Gary stated that he did not want to go. In the car, Nateanah had a bit of an attitude as she really wanted to see Ms. Badu in concert. Once they arrived they sat inside and had fun wine tasting and eating cheese. Little did she know Gary had spoken to the head of the winery and had something special planned.  Before walking into the vines they decided to take a few pictures. Since the two were outside by themselves,Gary went inside to ask one of the employees to take a picture for them. As the employee took the couples picture, Gary cleverly positioned Nateanah on the side opposite of the ring in his pocket. While posing, Gary turned, got down on one knee and popped the question. Nateanah, smiling in disbelief was at a lost for words and still didn’t know what was going on until she looked over and saw all the guests staring and clapping through the window. Recollecting back Nateanah said, “I’m not sure all the words Gary said, but I know they were perfect. He asked me to be his wife and it was a no brainer! It was perfect, it was just us.” We wish the absolute best for this beautiful couple.

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Photography – Wale Ariztos// Martin & Gina shirts: Awesome Best Friend Tees//Hair & styling:KB Planning n Design