Fly Away With me- A Whirlwind Engagement Session

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday August 22, 2016


Today’s engagement shoot in one word? BREATHTAKING. We are absolutely amazed by this stunning shoot by Lyndah Wells Photography. Phileah and Renaldo had been dating for 5 years when he surprised her with a proposal. They had met 5 years ago at Phileah’s previous place of employment. Renaldo entered the establishment once, and after that it was hard to get rid of him! From the Bride:

“Renaldo out-did himself with his proposal. Usually, it’s very difficult for him to surprise me but, he got me very good this time.He surprised me on my job, whilst I was performing my regular day-to-day duties. He had my manager advise me that I was needed in the accounts department. Therefore, going upstairs thinking that I was going to collect a document or something of that sort… I casually opened the door and to my amazement there was a beautiful two dozen flower arrangement of white and red roses and a saxophonist playing. I can’t remember the song because of how excited I was! A videographer popped out of nowhere to catch the surprise reaction of my face, she also insisted that I open the card on my beautiful set of arrangements that stated “Will You Marry Me?”and read it aloud. I was so nervous I had to read the card about three times to say it loud enough… on the third reading, Renaldo came through another door in a three piece suit and fell to one knee asking once again, will I marry him… and of course I said “Yes!!”

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Photographer:  Lyndah Wells Photography//Dress Store:Bella Donna Clothing Boutique//Ring Designer:Diamonds International//Other Location:Oddessy Aviation//Makeup Artist: That Make-up Chiq//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights