Dusk California Proposal

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday August 1, 2016


Happy Monday! We’re started out the week with a beautiful proposal done just right. AJ took Karen back to the very spot that they had their third date four years prior – the La Quinta Resort fire pits. AJ left Karen for “the restroom” and while Karen was sitting alone by the fire pit, the restaurant manager tapped her on the shoulder and said “I was told there is something you have to see on here.” The manager placed AJ’s laptop in front of Karen and pushed play. On came a slide show with their favorite country song and a collection of emails that AJ sent to Karen during their first year of dating long distance from LA to SF.  Soon emotional tears welled up as the notes turned into a compilation of photographs of AJ and Karen doing their favorite things together. The last slide showed a picture of Karen (in a white dress) and AJ together and read, “Karen, I told you 2015 would be our year. I can’t go another day without you as my forever and always, follow the pathway to the main courtyard so every year from now can be our year.” Karen walked up to AJ and as he took her hands in his, AJ told Karen that he loved her from the first moment they met. Karen started to cry as AJ ended with, “I have one last question to ask you,” he reached into his back pocket for the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Karen to marry him.  AJ arranged for two professional photographers to blend in with the crowd and capture the whole proposal (smart man). Karen said “YES!” and AJ and Karen hugged, kissed, and relished in that moment together. Karen and AJ dined at the Resort’s steakhouse and danced and celebrated all night long at the La Quinta Resort’s piano bar. We wish nothing but the best for this beautiful couple. Take a look at this magical moment captured by Kathleen Geiberger Art.

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