Married with MENGUIN | Customized Tuxedo Rentals for the AP Groom

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday July 20, 2016

Groomswear Rentals for Wedding- Penguin

There are countless shops and websites dedicated to making the bride look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day. So while there are certainly no shortage of services available to the bride to pick out her dress, what about the groom? This is a piece that is so often overlooked, and of course your man wants to feel like a million bucks on his big day too! Luckily we’ve discovered Menguin – a site where grooms and groomsmen can customize their look exactly specific to their taste. Check this one off the list ladies, because Mengiun has made suit and tux selection as simple as can be. Their 4 step process is SO easy:

1.) Build your Look

Style it exactly how you want it. You can customize your suit or tux easily with accessories in just a few clicks – you have complete control – from the neckwear to the shoes and everything in between.

Tuxedos Rentals by Penguin


2.) Get Fitted

This might be our favorite feature – they make getting fitted SO easy. Menguin gives you a couple of options. One: you can take their tailor fit card and get your measurements from a tailor. Or two: They will walk you through how to find your sizes in your closet. Love it!

Wedding Tuxedo Rentals- Penguin



3.) Order Ships to Your Door

Menguin ships your look from one of their 6 distribution centers 10 – 12 days before your event. It will typically arrive on your doorstep about a week before the special day.



4.) Wear it and Return!

Party. Dance. Meet. Whatever you do, make memories while looking great.



We think this is such an amazing service for the guys in our life. They’ve also got a ton of chic style inspiration on their Pinterest to inspire suit and tux selection. So ladies, pass along this link and get your men suited up for a night on the town.