Beautiful Bahamas Engagement Session

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday June 27, 2016

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Happy #EngagementMonday AP readers! Today’s stunning Bahamas engagement session, photographed by our #PrettyPerfectPartner Braxton Gardiner will take your breath away. Gabrielle and Dan were born and raised in the same church community where their paths crossed almost weekly, yet they never ‘met’ each other.  As fate would have it, their parents actually sparked their interest in each other! “Most young adults would ‘roll their eyes’ at the thought of their parents discussing the possibility of a love interest, but not us!” said Gabrielle. “After five years of dinner and a movie,  long sunset beach walks, and ‘just because’ gifts, Dan decided to propose. The proposal was a hot topic for months before the big day, all of my do’s and don’t’s were carefully outlined. New Years 2016, we dropped his parents to the airport. Our  engagement would be incomplete without family, so the thought of an engagement went with them in the plane.”

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“I gushed during the car ride about my coworker’s engagement the night before. Little did I know mine was soon to follow! My sister prompted me to change for our annual family New Year’s soup day. Dan and I pulled up to my house. Lots of strange cars were out front but I didn’t second guess it. The front door was visibly ajar. As I opened the front door he dropped down on one knee and let’s just say… I lost it! After he poured out his heart to me and a said ‘Yes’ I stood in awe of the beautiful decor as I was surrounded by some of our close friends and family. A day I will never forget!” As wedding planning heightened, Gabrielle and Dan knew that they wanted to capture their love for each other in a scenic atmosphere, so they had a gorgeous engagement shoot in the magical Bahamas.

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Vendors: Photographer – Braxton Gardiner Photography//Gentlemen Attire – Fine Threads Bahamas//Makeup Artist – Fab Faces Mua//First venue – Botanical Gardens//2nd Venue – Sir Sydney Poiter Bridge//3rd Venue – Marina Village , Atlantis paradise island