When It Comes to Planning Your Bridal Shower, Leave it to the Pros by #APBride Meredith

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday May 3, 2016


If you are a bride like me, or know a bride, then you know the last couple of months leading up to the wedding start to get hectic. You are finalizing vendor orders, getting invoices paid off, buying your accessories and last minute items for the wedding, planning your bridal shower….wait, what? Planning your bridal shower? No, ma’am. With all that you have going on, the last thing you need to be doing is plan another event. When it comes to planning your shower, leave it to the pros. In this case, the pros are those who know you best and who can predict what you’d like without even asking. You know, your bridal party! Not having bridesmaids? Now, is the time to call on those you trust the most!

You have enough on your plate. Although the wedding is all about you and your groom, now is the time to let go of the reins and let someone do something for you. Now if you are the type that would rather jump off a cliff than let go of complete control, then it’s okay to share some basic info with your bridesmaids (overall theme, colors, absolute do’s and absolute don’ts). Let them work their magic from there. I did and I’m so glad. My team really showed out!

All guests were greeted at the door by a table with our pictures as well as their party favor, personalized cookies! I was especially happy to greeted at the door with one of my favorite things…a mimosa! All gifts were left at the gift table, where guest could pick up their custom designed pin with role in the wedding.

Meredith Mobley - Table

From there, we all mingled around either the mimosa bar or the food, much of it homemade.

Meredith Mobley - Food

I was so impressed with everything; I was at a loss for words. These ladies really outdid themselves! Another benefit of letting your tribe plan your shower is having the opportunity to sit back and see how much you are loved. It felt good to know that I didn’t even have to say a word and everything I could have possible wanted was done.

Once the shower got started, I opened gifts. I loved all my gifts, but especially loved the photo album the girls made. Each one contributed a favorite picture or two, with a personalized note from them to me. One of the most touching gifts I received was a frame to honor my late brother. Did I cry? Duh, lol. We’ll definitely make room for the frame at our wedding. I think it’s very important to honor loved ones who have passed away. If you do too and are looking for tips, check out my last post here where I share creative ways to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Meredith Mobley - Frame

I truly value everyone at the shower and don’t take their words lightly, knowing that, my team arranged for some time to share marriage advice and stroll down memory lane. My three common themes from the marriage advice: Communication is key, keep God first, go on dates. So much great advice that my fiancé and I will put into practice!

We closed out the shower playing a few games before we scrubbed up and got ta’ paintin’! Each girl painted a picture with their personal message to me or me and my fiancé. We will definitely find a place for each piece of artwork in our home!

Meredith Mobley - Paint

This stress-free, input-free bridal shower was everything! I’m so thankful to have such thoughtful and loving women in my life. That being said, I’ll leave you brides with a final message. They don’t call it a bridal “shower” for nothing. Sit back and take this opportunity to be showered with love and appreciation. Trust that whoever is organizing your shower is doing so with total love in your heart. Let them surprise you! You’ll be glad you did.

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