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Brianna Kozlarek / Friday March 4, 2016

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As a bride-to-be, sitting down to create a wedding website and registry for our big day was both exciting and overwhelming. For the website you want to work with something easy to use and ensure you are providing all of the important details. And for the registry, there are so many options on what to choose it is hard to know where to even begin! Luckily, there is Zankyou Weddings.

Zankyou offers free personalized wedding websites where couples can keep their guests up to date with all of their wedding details. They are specifically designed so that guests who live in different countries can access them with ease and are available in nine languages. Brides and grooms can set up their RSVP on their Zankyou site and manage their guest list with ease. By adding in hotel recommendations, transport methods and a wedding itinerary, couples can ensure that their guests are fully informed about the big day.

ZKY Guests

As well as creating a wedding website, couples can also create an online registry with Zankyou. Online registries make the whole process of gift-giving so much simpler. Traditional wedding gift registries have become somewhat outdated and online registries are becoming increasingly popular. Couples now have the opportunity to receive gifts that they actually want instead of five toasters, three food blenders and some expensive silverware!

ZKY Gifts

Zankyou is the only online wedding registry specifically designed with international couples in mind. With a registry created through Zankyou, the couple receives their guests’ payments into their bank account, giving them total freedom to use the money as they choose. This is particularly useful for international couples who don’t want to flood their house with gifts as they’re always on the move, as well as couples who get married later in life and already have all those traditional household gift items.

As well as listing traditional home items, Zankyou couples can also create an online honeymoon fund. Here couples can allow their guests to make a contribution towards that romantic getaway that they´ve always dreamed of. Couples can list different stages of their honeymoon in their gift list which allows guests to see exactly what they are contributing towards. Whether it be a romantic meal in a Michelin starred restaurant, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, or tickets to Disneyland, the list of possibilities is endless. Through a Zankyou regstry, couples can also include charity funds. Guests choose the charity gifts that they want to donate towards and it is paid straight into the couples Zankyou fund.

ZKY Gift List

Zankyou would love to offer Aisle Perfect couples exclusive benefits if they choose to create a Zankyou registry: discounted rates of 2.50% + 85c per contribution and FREE Premium Designs for their wedding website. Just enter this unique Promocode when creating your wedding website with Zankyou: ZKYAPUSDL1216. *Offer will be applied upon activation of wedding registry. Valid until Dec ’16.



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