Fabulous Washington DC Engagement Shoot

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday February 10, 2016

DC Engagement Session-7

We’ve got a stunning engagement shoot and the sweetest story to share with you today! DaKiya and Donnie both attended the University of Pittsburgh. While walking through the quad acclimating herself to her new “home” for the next 4 years, DaKiya meet Donnie, who was hanging out with a group of his friends. After they exchanged pleasantries, she was invited to a gathering and that is where their journey would begin! Donnie and DaKiya never dated in college, though they would see each other from time to time and also hang out with mutual friends. They never truly had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time together during their time at school.

DC Engagement Session-2

After graduating, many years would go by without any contact between the two. It was happenstance that they eventually reconnected, via none-other-than Facebook. DaKiya learned that Donnie had remained in Pittsburgh after graduating, however she had since moved to Maryland to pursue her passion for dance, choreographing and teaching. It would be fate that one day, out of the blue, Donnie sent DaKiya a message letting her know that he was traveling to Washington, DC to attend a Stevie Wonder concert and was hoping that she would join him that very night at the Stevie Wonder show. Who knew that DaKiya loved “Stevie” just as much as he did!  That night they learned that they shared so many life experiences and had many, many things in common. From that moment, the sparks began to fly! Their chemistry was undeniable, thus the start of a real life love song.
The rest they say…. is history! This gorgeous shoot was photographed by Leonard Poteat Photography and the DaKiya’s gorgeous gown was sourced by our #PrettyPerfectPartner All in Heels.

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Vendors: Dress sourced by: All in Heels, LLC (IG: @AllinHeels) | Photographer: Leonard Poteat  (IG: @MrPoteat)