5 Tips to Fight Fat Fast from Coach Nadia Khalil

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday February 9, 2016

5 tips to fight fat fast for the wedding

As a bride prepping for my walk down the aisle in just three short months, I can tell you that having a good fitness plan (or finally starting one, oops!) is at the top of my priority list. If there’s one day you want to look and feel your best it is definitely your wedding day. Luckily, Coach Nadia Khalil reached out to us to share her top 5 tips to fight fat fast as you prep for your big day. Be sure to check out her awesome wedding ready regimen and read up on her fitness advice below!

Did you know that stress (like the kind involved in wedding planning) can cause water retention, bloating and influence your appetite? Maintaining a healthy Food and Fitness regimen can help eliminate all of that! The following tips are proven to help you fight fat fast and keep you fit before, during and after your wedding. Looking flawless in your dress will be one less thing to worry about on your big day!

Tip 1: Workout first thing in the morning.

It’s proven that what you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Working out in the morning will provide an influx of energy throughout the rest of your day. It will instantly enhance both your mood and productivity. You will make healthier food choices throughout the day and will be less likely to skip breakfast. It’s also one less thing for you to worry about during the day. Lastly, this will leave you more time for wedding planning activities!

Tip 2: Do More in Your Workout in Less Time (HIIT)

A successful High Intensity Interval Training workout can be done in as little as 20 minutes. You will gain better results in less time because you are elevating the heart rate by doing an intense workout for a brief time and bringing down the heart rate with a brief rest period. HIIT training also keeps the body burning calories up to 48 hours after your workout is done. Click here to sample a Beginner HIIT Workout.

Tip 3: Drink more water

This tip is an important part of my Wedding Ready Regimen & 14-Day Fat Shred Challenge programs. Drinking water is an essential part of eating clean. It cushions the joints and muscles, assists in flushing out toxins, maintain hunger levels and keeps the body energized. It also eliminates bloating, skin breakouts and fatigue. Aim to drink 60 oz a day. If you are extremely active then drink more! Unknowingly, your body disguises the need for more fluids through hunger. So there may be times when you think you are hungry but are in need of more water. When you feel thirsty you have actually reached an unhealthy level of de-hydration.

Tip 4: Eat 5 Times a Day

Eating more frequently is necessary to for the body to metabolize. Your metabolism can only be triggered through eating in 2-3 hour intervals.  Metabolizing and digestion is what eliminates toxins from the body. Toxin elimination will keep your hair shiny, skin glowing, nails growing, keep you thin and keep the blood clean. More importantly, eating more allows you to take in the necessary amount of nutrients and minerals your body needs on a daily basis by having more meals. Lastly, eating in 2-3 hour intervals regulates your glucose levels. This is what keeps you from feeling hungry and overeating during meals.

Tip 5: Do more weight training

It is a proven fact that the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Weight training burns significantly more calories up to 39 hours after your workout. Including weights in your workouts help reduce your body fat percentage and allows for a more defined physique. Lastly, the more muscle memory that is built the harder it is to gain the weight back!


Nadia Khalil is a certified Fitness Nutrition & Wellness Coach. She is the creator of the 14 Day Fat Shred Challenge Program, Conveniently Clean Eating Guide & 4-Week Wedding Ready Regimen. For more Fitness tips, videos and recipes visit her website www.CoachNadiaK.com or follow her on IG @coachnadiak.