US Library of Congress Engagement Shoot

Brianna Kozlarek / Wednesday January 13, 2016

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Today we’re sharing a drop dead gorgeous engagement shoot straight from the steps of the United States Library of Congress and Supreme Court in Washington, DC! Shaquana and Trystan met on the beautiful campus of Virginia State University in September of 2010. They met in juvenile justice class where they were required to form their own groups for a project that was due at the end of the semester. Shaquana and four other girls formed a group, and Trystan was the only guy who asked to join their group.

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“I told one of my group members that I was feeling Trystan, and she insisted that I say something,” said Shaquana. “One day I finally decided I wanted to get to know him better, so I texted him and we began with small talk. He later invited me over to watch Kevin Hart’s new movie. I quickly responded with a dumb excuse about me not wanting to lose my parking spot at my apt complex. I was not about to go to his dorm room! The next day Trystan waited for me after class and asked me for the second time if I wanted to hang out and watch the Kevin Hart movie. I agreed, but invited him to come over to my apartment. That night was full of so much laughter and good conversation.  I knew then that I had found my match. “

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Trystan proposed to Shaquana at her birthday dinner at Oya restaurant in Washington DC. He was acting differently all day so she knew something special was going to happen soon. Trystan did a toast to end the evening and all of their friends started pulling out their cameras while he was talking. The entire restaurant directed their attention to the couple as he got down on one knee and told Shaquana she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

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US Library of Congress engagement sessionn|irisMannings-67The engagement shoot, beautifully captured by Iris Mannings Photography, was inspired by the couple’s love for each other and the fun they have together. The five-dozen of red roses that are displayed in some of the photos symbolize the 5 years they will have been together once they marry. Every year since they started dating, Trystan gave Shaquana a dozen of red roses for each year they have been together. One dozen for the first year, two dozen for the second year, three for the third and so on. So romantic!

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These adorable lovebirds are getting married at Bealeton Virginia at the beautiful Morais Vineyards 6 years from the day they met.  They are looking forward to celebrating their new life as one with their family and closest friends. We wish this beautiful couple nothing but the best!

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Vendor credits:

Photography: Iris Mannings Photography

Wedding Planner: Mahalia Jessup of C’est Belle Events