Introducing #APBride Brianna

Brianna Kozlarek / Friday November 13, 2015


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Hello AislePerfect readers! It’s your AislePerfect Editorial Assistant Brianna here. I’m so excited to also be your next #APBride! From save-the-dates to dress shopping to table settings and everything little detail in between, I can’t wait to share every step of the way with our amazing readers. Where to even begin?!

They say falling in love is like coming home, and that is a perfect description of our love story. Brandon and I actually grew up a few blocks from each other in the same hometown and went to the same high school. However, he is two years older than me so we actually didn’t meet until much later, about 3 years ago! We met one night at a local hangout in our hometown and there was an immediate connection. After pursuing me for many months (I can be a little stubborn) I finally agreed to go on a date with him. I can now confidently say that was the best decision I ever made.



Our courtship (so old school, I know) was full of adventures. Our first dates included stargazing at the planetarium, running through the woods at midnight and getting lost in a corn maze. It was clear from the get go that this was “it.” I honestly didn’t think people could be this happy – I thought that only happened in the movies! We went on many more adventures including standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and the Southernmost point of the United States in Key West.


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Fast forward a year later and Brandon suggested we move in together. I was hesitant to do so without being engaged, but in my heart I knew that was in our future. So we took a leap and moved into a town house with our black cat Freddie. The holidays passed and, I gotta admit ladies, I was getting ready for that ring! February came around and thereafter the night that changed my life forever. We were having a romantic dinner at home with candles, wine – the works. Brandon called me upstairs and when I reached the top there he was on one knee with my dream ring. The rest if kind of a blur. You know that crazy crying fit you see women do when they get proposed to? Yea, that’s uncontrollable and definitely happened to me 🙂




It turns out he had planned to propose that June on our planned trip to Key West, but he got the ring that Friday in February and…lasted all of three hours. He says he just couldn’t wait a second longer to ask me to be his wife (cue those waterworks I was talking about). Since then it’s been a whirlwind of planning and we’ve set our date for May 21, 2016. Next month I’ll share our engagement photos! Until then, I’ll be licking envelopes and mailing save the dates 🙂