Fall 2015-Winter 2016 Bridal Trends

Kunbi O / Thursday November 5, 2015


It’s fun keeping up with what’s in store for the bridal world because while bridal dresses are so timeless, it’s amazing to see how they evolve. The silhouettes change, the fabrics are utilized differently, the colors range in shade, but the woman in the dress still remains effortlessly beautiful. As a soon-to-be-bride, you want this dress to feel special. You want it to feel like you, but you also don’t want to look like an 80s glamour shot/cotton ball. Since bridal fashion week has come and gone, the bridal world is left with some impressions as to what’s in store for winter 2016. We are here to share with you some of the trends we see on the rise!

*All images are courtesy of our superstar #prettyperfectpartner Amy Anaiz.

1. Statement necklaces are evolving into statement necklines.

We are starting to see a new trend of jewelry that highlights the collarbone and falls past our shoulders. These jewelry pieces are stunning. They add an extra element of sophistication and class, and the delicateness of the pieces are just divine. We love the way this piece falls upon and highlights the entire upper half of the silhouette. This statement piece works to truly put the entire look into place.

JLM Couture

2. V-Line Tulle Skirts


We adore the way these skirts utilize the tulle material. We love seeing these V-shaped skirts, because the tulle practically acts as wings making a walk down the aisle with a train even more elegant.

Also what’s stunning about V-line tulle skirts is that the lace detailed fabrics peak-through the middle so delicately making the two elements of lace and tulle come together very nicely. This is a great alternative for brides that want a full skirt that isn’t too voluptuous but still has that ballgown feel.

Winter 2016 bridal fashion trends

3. Mod And Sharp Dramatic Cuts

AngelSanchez_winter 2016 bridal trends
Angel Sanchez

For the mod fashionista, this is the gown for you. We love the dramatic and uniquely placed neck and arm lines of these gowns. The way the upper portion of these gowns are cut almost looks skewed, but that’s the intention. The cutlines are sharply unexpected but yet they hit the exact right spots. This look is definitely bold, but nonetheless as classy as can be.

4. Floral Eyelet Detailing

Winter 2016 trends from Bridal fashion week _ amsale

It’s all in the details, right? We are loving the use of this floral eyelet look. It gives off a different feeling than lace and sequin beaded gowns do. The floral eyelet effect is fresh, lively, and exuberant.

Houghton Bridal 2016 - winter wedding trends

5. Cape-like Silhouettes 

Surviving everything and then some that leads up to your wedding day is absolutely worthy of a heroic title, so what better way to show case that than with these cape-like silhouette gowns?

Inbal eror- winter wedding trends
Inbal Dror

Capes are becoming the “it” fit of Fall 2015-Winter 2016, and we think this is because of the effortless way capes fall upon our shoulders. Also capes give off a dramatic yet nonchalant vibe, which we love. Overall, the cape silhouette is just so unexpectedly elegant.

Inbal dror Fall 2016
Inbal Dror