Aisle Perfect Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bride and Groom

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday November 24, 2015

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It’s no wonder why the holidays are perhaps the most cherished time of the year.  There’s an abundance of family gatherings, celebrations with friends, cozy sweaters, delicious meals and of course…shopping! For the seasoned pros among us who consider shopping their favorite sport (ahem) it is a serious adrenaline rush to brave the cooler temps and grab an amazing gift at a great price. However, we know that for a lot of you out there finding the perfect gift can be a bit overwhelming at times. Fear not, we’ve got your covered! For Part One of our Holiday Gift Guide series, we’ve got a ton of unique suggestions for the Bride to Be, Groom or Couple in your life. Speaking of gifts, have you shopped the Aisle Perfect Shop yet? What are you waiting for?!!

Okay, lets get started with our top picks for the Bride to Be:


SHOP : 1.) Wifey Tee Shirt  2.) Wifey mug  3.) Date night cookbook  4.) Necklace 5.) 14k gold fill knot ring 6.) Photo frame 7.) ‘Mrs’ necklace  8.) Earrings 9.) Skincare set 10.) Monogram glasses 11.) Lace robe 12.) Clutch


Next up we’ve got 12 super stylish gifts for the Groom to Be:

GIFT GUIDE - groom


Rounding out Part One of our Holiday Gift series are 10 Pretty Perfect gifts for your couple friends:

GIFT GUIDE - couples


Stay tuned for Part Two!


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