15 Bridal Accessories To Complete Your Wedding Look

Kunbi O / Tuesday October 20, 2015
Dotted Veil
Dotted Veil by Sibo Designs

They say it’s all in the details, right? Well, we certainly agree with that! Sometimes it’s just that subtle, seemingly effortless extra step that will take your bridal look from beautiful to absolutely unforgettable. After all, this is your big day and all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle and say, “I do.” So, let’s get ready to tie the knot in a really special, one-of-a-kind way. Let’s make it as unique on the outside as you are as a person on the inside.

Let’s not only dress up, but let’s have fun with it. We’re thinking gold headbands that are almost tiara-like, veils draped like royalty, garters that will be well worth seeing, delicate shoulder jewelry, and more! These are the 15 bridal accessories that will be exactly what you need to complete your wedding look:

1. Bride La Boheme

floral bridal headpiece

2. Fiorenza Headband

BHLDN Fiorenza Headband

3. Bridal Shoulder Necklace by Camilla Christine

bridal shoulder necklace _ aisleperfect

4. Midsummer Circlet

Bridal Headpiece by Bhldn

5. Cascading Fleur Lace Veil

cascading fleur lace veil

6. Nina Birdcage Veil (only $95)

Nina Birdcage Veil

7. Rosetta Swarovski Cuff by simplychic93

embellished bridal cuff

8. Lace Bridal Cuff by Edenluxebridal

ornate bridal cuff

9. Riza Garter

tulle garter

10. Silk Flower Cluster Belt (can also be worn as a headpiece.. score!)

bridal belt and headpiece

11. Twigs & Honey Flower Sash


12. Pippa Gloves


13. Rhinestone Crystal Bridal Garter

crystal garter


14. Swarovski Stardust Knot Necklace.

Swarovski stardust knot necklace

15. Heloise Clutch

Tadashi Shoji bridal clutch

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