“How I Met Your Mother” Inspired Proposal

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday September 15, 2015



This proposal is Legen…wait for it…dary! Bryan and Obiamaka love the hit show “How I Met Your Mother,” and as major fans ourselves here at Aisle Perfect we were so excited when we came across this unique proposal story.

Bryan knew he wanted to do something special for Obiamaka, so he enlisted The Yes Girls to help him plan the perfect “How I Met Your Mother” themed proposal. They borrowed some elements from Barney’s proposal to Robin on the show and personalized it to the couple. Bryan even created custom “plays”  that spanned their entire relationship up until that night. When the couple arrived, family members handed Obiamaka one of her favorite flowers, and then led them to a table where Bryan could read his playbook to her. See a highlight below:


The “Obiamaka”

Step 1: Brainstorm the perfect proposal and ruse
Step 2: Create a “How I Met Your Mother” proposal, but better
Step 3: Find the perfect location
Step 4: Pick up her gorgeous engagement ring
Step 5: Enlist help of family and others to make sure all the details
are set up (flowers, photographer, location, etc)
Step 6: Create the final page of The Playbook.
Step 7: (this is where you explain how you feel and want to tell her)
Step 8: Propose! (Come out from hiding and propose to my future wife)

Then he got down on one knee and popped the question! See the beautiful photos below.

HIMYMproposal-17 HIMYMproposal-19  HIMYMproposal-21 HIMYMproposal-6 HIMYMproposal-5 HIMYMproposal-7 HIMYMproposal-9 HIMYMproposal-10 HIMYMproposal-12 HIMYMproposal-2 HIMYMproposal-3 HIMYMproposal-18 HIMYMproposal-4 HIMYMproposal-11 HIMYMproposal-13  HIMYMproposal-15 HIMYMproposal-16 HIMYMproposal-1

Dallas Marriage Proposal Planning – The Yes Girls Events
Florist – Pearls & Poppies Floral Design
Photographer – AE Photo
Venue – Dodie’s Reef Lower Greenville Avenue
Playbook – Shutterfly Premium Photobooks