#APbride Audrey’s Rock the Dress Shoot

Kunbi O / Friday August 14, 2015

Trash the dress_ rock the dress_ shoot _ asia pimentel

Well hello ladies…and maybe a few gentlemen!!! I know last blog said we’d be discussing Troy and I’s amazing reception, but I haven’t gotten all of my pictures back from the reception yet, so we will just put that on the back burner. I HAVE, however, received some absolutely gorgeous pictures from our Rock the Dress shoot that I would love to share. All images are by Asia Pimentel Photography.

rock the dress shoot after the wedding

For those who aren’t familiar with “Rock the Dress” sessions, also known as “Trash the Dress”, they are a more non-traditional photoshoot, taken on a different day than the wedding, at a different location. I have seen them taken in city centers, on beaches, under water, and in fields, so the possibilities are endless!!!

Trash the dress shoot by Asia Pimentel

For our location, Asia and Nikolay, of Asia Pimentel Photography, suggested a SEXY shoot at the beautiful Macao Beach, which is more beautiful than any beach we’ve ever been to. The beach is lined with a palm tree forest on one end, cliffs and rocks on the other, with powdery, golden sand stretched between the two, and speckled with a few boats to boot.

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 40

Side note: Troy and I are the complete opposite of the definition of sexy. We struggled taking the traditional romantic wedding pictures and were then expected to be sexy! Oh boy! It was definitely an interesting thought. When I told Asia and Nikolay this during a previous Skype call, they just laughed and insisted everything would be fantastic and not to worry. Little did they know at that point in time, I worry about everything and there would be no exception for this event.

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 1

Rock the dress shoot by asia pimentel photo

Throughout the day, before the session, I think I had to talk Troy, and myself, into going ahead with the “Rock the Dress” session, which was pretty hard considering I was fully convinced Troy was traumatized from taking pictures the day before at the wedding. Thankfully, once there, Asia and Nikolay were great in coaching us through the session and the pictures we’ve seen so far, are our absolute favorites!!!  There is definitely something to be said about the comfort of getting away and just enjoying your first couple of days as a married couple. I actually wish we would have ditched our guests (sorry guys!)  for at least 30 minutes to just enjoy, reflect, and take some pictures that didn’t feel so forced as they did.

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 38

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 43

Anyways, during the shoot, we were still our awkward selves, I found out that I laugh A LOT and my husband knows about Fabio. For those considering a session of this sort, DO IT!!!  Who doesn’t want to roll around in the sand with their significant other, climb slimy rocks while wearing a heavy dress, get knocked over by waves, and try to look amazing while doing all of it?!!!

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 39

In all reality, this is what you look like the majority of the time!

rock the dress session by asia pimentel photography 0