Our “Wait for Love” Story | #APbride Phyllis

Kunbi O / Thursday July 16, 2015


What a difference a year makes…It’s hard to believe that this time last year, Calvin was planning to propose. I was just counting down to visiting Vegas for the 1st time and celebrating our b-days together. The thought of him proposing was the farthest thing from my mind. In fact, a few holidays before I thought maybe, just maybe…but the holidays came and went and I was a little disappointed. I stopped looking for it and decided to just enjoy the season we were in. It was written that we would be married. I just didn’t know the when and couldn’t control that. So a Vegas proposal was not on my radar, esp. not at 550 feet in the air! **The proposal was most definitely worth the wait, which brings me to the theme of our wedding: Wait for Love. **Maybe we can include a link to the proposal video or my 1st blog with the video.

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My all-time favorite song is “Wait for Love” by Luther Vandross. I’ve annoyed many people singing this LOL! They just didn’t understand that Luther sang this song just for Phyllis. When you’ve been single for a long time, a person could easily start to doubt that love was coming. I didn’t though. I rested on God’s Promise that He made to me a long, long time ago AND this song J

When Calvin and I got together, I found out he loved Luther too and this song. A match made in heaven….took him long enough to propose though Haaaaaaa!!! I never stopped believing, “there could one day be a chance for me to get the love that I been missin’. Sometimes love takes a long time, but wait for love and you’re gonna get the chance to love.” So happy that I waited for love. That we waited for us to both, finally, meet at the road to happily ever after.


So, yes, my chance is now and there is still so much to do, now that we are 3 days away from the wedding. Our invitations have gone out and our guests love them! I had “Tickets to Paradise” designed and they exceeded my expectations. My advice, to fellow brides, is to start invitations early, so you can iron out all the kinks in good time. I went back and forth with the designer for 3 months and had the invitations delivered a month before I sent them out. My process was very easy. SN: You are the bride and you know what you want. No edits or corrections are too small. Don’t feel bad about being nit-picky – I didn’t LOL! The end result was perfect.

Overall, I would say I’ve had only a few hours of stress. I say a few because the planning process hasn’t been that bad for me. I think being a good planner, having everything organized and staying on top of every little detail has kept me from being a Bridezilla and driving myself and everyone around me crazy. I came up with some wedding planning tips for those who just got engaged, for those who feel the proposal coming soon and for those who are planning their wedding on Pinterest until Mr. Forever comes into their lives. Click here for some lessons that I’ve learned along my journey to Mrs. Givens.


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