Creative Engagement Announcement with Share a Coke

Kunbi O / Wednesday July 8, 2015

Share A Coke Engagement
Engagement Ring on Bottle Caps: Valerie Demo Photography | Bride/Groom Flags: Michelle Stoker Photography | Picnic: Anny Photography | Coca Cola Blanket: Haley Sheffield

Yay! You’re engaged! Now it’s time to announce your engagement…with Share a Coke! The incredibly successful campaign by Coke is back by popular demand with more names, more packages and a newly minted website where you can create your own custom bottle and share a coke with someone special this summer. Really, who doesn’t want to see their name splashed out on a major brand? I found my very own Share a Coke bottle in Nigeria last year and literally went crazy in the store. This year, Coca-Cola is offering consumers the opportunity to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane with their iconic eight-ounce glass “Share a Coke” bottles on ShareaCoke.com. Now you can create your own bottle and floss like a boss to your friends. There are so many ways you can incorporate your custom Share a Coke bottles in your wedding festivities starting from the minute you say YES!

Engagement Announcement


ShareaCoke Proposal

Engagement Ring and Coke

From engagements to pre-wedding parties and the main event itself, “Share a Coke” is aisleperfect for celebrating one of life’s most sharable moments. You already know how obsessed we are with personalized details, so this new eCommerce offering is perfect for a memorable wedding.


ShareaCoke on Instagram!

So he finally #putaringonit and you need to let the world know- Grab a personalized coke with a cool ass hashtag (like our popular #APbling for engagement rings) and share it with your loved ones.

ShareACoke Engagement

Engagement Shoot

Another fun use for your customized Share a Coke bottles are as props in your engagement shoot. Create a couple fun quotes or customize the bottles with the bride and groom’s names and voila! you have a stylish engagement session ready to go. There’s so much fun we can have here!

Customized Coke Bottles by ShareaCoke

Share a Coke Wedding Session

How do you celebrate sharable moments with friends and family? Let us know in the comments or share a memory with the hashtag #aisleperfect on Instagram so we can keep track. Now head over to ShareaCoke.com to create your custom branded bottle that you can actually call your own.

ShareaCoke with your Engagement