Introducing Washington DC Photographer Kirth Bobb Photography

Kunbi O / Tuesday June 23, 2015

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Introduce yourself:

Hi, I’m Kirth Bobb, and I’m a wedding photographer based in Washington, DC. My work has been featured in numerous publications, including Essence, MunaLuchi Bride, Ebony, The Bride’s Cafe and several newspapers around the world.

My focus is on capturing the intimacy in subtle gestures, the elegance in details, and the honesty of spontaneous emotion. The term for my style is photojournalistic, but I like to think of my work as documenting vibrant stories of people expressing love through their genuine, natural interactions with everything and everyone around them.

Weddings have taken me all over the world, and have been a joyous introduction to all sorts of new people and new (to me) traditions. As a result, I have a great respect for and experience with documenting various cultural wedding customs.

My approach is to blend into the background. I would never want to get in the way of a hug, a tear, or a moment of calm reflection. I am also well-versed in traditional, posed photography and use a mix of these styles to tell the truest story while featuring the best qualities of my clients.

My goal is to get my favorite reaction: “Oh my god, how did you even see that? I’m glad you got a picture of it; I forgot that had happened.”

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What inspired you to go into photography?

My grandmother, definitely, my grandmother. She was the closet thing to an artist in my family, and I always marveled at her abilty to simply “create”. To have a vision and bring it to live. She painted and did amazing floral arrangements! Her saying was “there’s an art to everything” so I take that with me to every single wedding or engagement session I cover.

KBobb | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

What is your favorite thing about wedding photography?

Having the opportunity to be immersed in so many different wedding traditions and rites. Witnessing love, and expressions of love. Whether it’s between a couple, their families, or their friends. I truly think that weddings are probably the best place for overall “good vibes”

Kirth Bobb Photography- Aisle Perfect

Describe your photography packages?

My wedding packages are designed to suit the most discriminating brides.

Do you travel?

Yes. All the time!! I travel, domestically and internationally.

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Name some of your favorite places you have shot:

Washington DC, Southern California, Northern California New York, South Carolina, Maine, Paris, Thailand or anywhere in the caribbean. Yes I know I listed a ton of places, but each of those places offer unique environmental elements that can truly add to a couple’s wedding story.

International Wedding Photographer Kirth Bobb Photography

Name some of your favorite vendors you’ve worked with:

This is a tough one but I’ll try. I’m sure I’m going to leave someone out who may end up sending me a nasty gram, but off the top of my head:

Five Seasons Bridals, Nassau Bahamas

BCG Events, Washington, DC

Oyemi Films, Houston TX

Chip Dizard Videography, Washington DC

A Conceal Affair, Houston TX

RAE Events, Washington DC

So many that I can’t think of right now.

KBobb | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Any advice for brides on the wedding planning process?

Get all the stress out of the way during the planning phase. Because on the day of. I need you to be at your very best, in that blissful, euphoric place. Keep things in perspective and have an amazing day! As a photographer my main concern is to document my couples at their very best. And don’t ever forget that the wedding is a celebration of YOU and YOUR partner’s love. That’s important.

KBobb | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Fun Stuff

When you’re not photographing weddings, what do you love to do?

Telling jokes and traveling with my wife. She’s my permanent travel buddy. I’m not the type of joke teller where you can say “Hey Kirth, Tell me a joke”. I’m an opportunist jokester with a super sharp wit (at least that’s what people say)

If you could travel to any destination right now, where would it be?

Any where on the continent of Africa,then Greece comes in at second. Those are on my short list of places I haven’t visited.

Washington DC Photographer Kirth Bobb Photography

What is your favorite Guilty pleasure?

A great well aged single malt scotch, a well rolled cigar and an epic Soca or Dancehall party. Not in that order, but all at the same time. I was born and raise in Guyana. South American geographically, and caribbean/West Indian culturally so I tend to gravitate to what feels like home.

KBobb | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Tell us Something that recently inspired you?

I draw inspiration from a variety of places. It could be a random encounter with a stranger while taking public transportation, a favorite TV show (Game of Thrones), a song, a piece of art. As a photographer I tend to actively seek sources of inspiration. If forces me to “see more” in everything. There’s an older couple who pass by my office daily, and one thing that sicks with me is the fact that they’re always holding hands. That’s inspiring in a mushy sappy kinda way, but I want that for my own marriage and for all the couples I work with.


We are THRILLED to welcome Washignton DC Photographer Kirth Bobb Photography into our growing Aisle Perfect family. Kirth is  a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and available to travel worldwide. You can read more, or find contact information on his Pretty Perfect Vendor page here.