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Kunbi O / Wednesday June 3, 2015

Bridal Natural Hair Inspiration 5

So hubby has just proposed and being the super organised, perfectionist couple that you are, you sort out your venue, food, wedding dress, flights, decoration, accommodation, and just about every other important feature of your big day nine months before it happens! Standing ovation? Well not quite, because fast forward to now less than four months before your big day, you still have no idea how to wear your hair and furthermore you’ve made what seems to be the stupidest decision ever: you’re going to be your own hair stylist!

Welcome to my world ladies!

I soon came to learn that sulking was going to get me nowhere and challenged myself to a natural hair styling challenge. Ever since becoming fully natural in 2013 I vowed to rock my natural hair [and a potential clip in piece or two], on my big day. Whilst there are a tonne of photos of wedding hairstyles online, I must say finding natural hairstyles that I liked proved to be slightly more challenging.

So for all of my natural ladies and soon to be natural brides, here are 3 heat free looks I put together which I hope can inspire your big day do.

Look One: Simple Glam Bride

Bridal Natural Hair Inspiration 7

Look Two: Grecian Bride

Bridal Natural Hair Inspiration 8

Look 3: Glam Updo Bride

Bridal Natural Hair Inspiration 9

Below is the video tutorial for each look:

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Love always and bring on the countdown!

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