Finding the One – APbride Stella goes Dress Shopping

Kunbi O / Wednesday May 27, 2015

Yes, yes, yes!!! I said yes to the dress! You know what is so crazy? I was a 100% sure that I was going to get my dress custom made, but I went dress shopping just to say I did that and my plans changed. I found a dress that I have eyed for the last year and I was sure that was my dress. I even meet with my designer for a consultation. Something in my spirit told me to take a gander and see what is out there.

Dress shopping 0
one of the dresses I tried on (not the dress)

So, the dress that I have always thought I wanted was not at any boutique in Houston. So I was going to have my designer make it. Believe me. I checked COUNTLESS amounts of times, the dress was NOT in Houston…..……until the weekend that I sent another email to several boutiques requesting for the dress. A bridal boutique finally had it!!! The appointment to try on that dress was on a Sunday (Feb 15th) and I scheduled to visit another boutique on Valentine’s Day (which is ironically Jamaar and my anniversary J). So I went to the first boutique and tried on some dress that I thought I would never be interested in. 1st one was nothing special, 2nd dress was ok, not exciting to me, 3rd dress was AMAZING, and the last dress had a lot of sparkle, but it was nothing like the 3rd dress. I tried on the 3rd dress with all the necessary accessories (especially the breathtaking vail) and I fell in love. I kept staring at myself in disbelief.

Dress shopping 1
one of the dresses I tried on (not the dress)

So, I left the store surprised that I had interest in a dress I didn’t think I would want. The next day I took one of my bridesmaids with me and my wedding planner. We picked out a rack full of dresses and of course the dress that I was SURE that I wanted. I tried on my “dream dress” and I liked it, but I didn’t get the same feeling that I felt with the “3rd dress” that I tried on the day before. I stayed in the dress for at least 10 minutes. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the other dress. I tried on the other dresses. They were beautiful, but not my dress. So, I called the other boutique and asked if I could try on the dress again that day. Luckily, they had and opening and we rushed over to the boutique. I tried on the dress again for my bridesmaid and wedding planner to see and they were in awe. My wedding planner, Chioma, said with a huge smile, “that absolutely your dress”. I just knew it. It is true, you get a special feeling when you try on the dress that is for you!

Dress shopping 2
one of the dresses I tried on (not the dress)

So, I quickly cancelled my original order with my designer and ordered “dress #3”. Of course I have to customize it a little bit, lol. I am sooooooooooo excited and can’t wait until its completely finished this summer. Whoop whoop!!!!

p.s. None of the dresses featured above made the cut, but they are so nice!

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