Casablanca Bridal Fall 2015 Collection

Kunbi O / Friday May 15, 2015


The Casablanca Bridal Fall 2015 collection was another big favorite of mine from bridal fashion week. In a world of uber sexy fashion-forward gowns,  it is refreshing to see a collection of timeless wearable classics that can be cherished for decades to come. What makes Casablanca even more special is the ability to customize the gowns to the bride’s heart desire- making her gown one of a kind and special to her. These beautiful gowns also won’t break the bank as most of them run under $1500. What more could you ask for? I had the opportunity to see these beauties in person and I can vouch for their perfection. I’ll let the images do the rest.

casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__3 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__4 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__6 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__7 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__9 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__11 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__12 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__17 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__18 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__20 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__23 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__25 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__26 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__28 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__31 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__32 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__34 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__35 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__37 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__38 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__40 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__41 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__43 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__46 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__47 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__49 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__51 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__54 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__57 casablanca_bridal_fall_2015__58

Casablanca bridal gowns are sold in a multitude of bridal salons around the world. For a list of available stockists near you, visit Casablanca Bridal’s website.