#WhenLiberiaMeetsNigeria | APbride Stella’s Traditional Wedding

Kunbi O / Tuesday April 7, 2015

Stella and Jamaar

Whooooo! *wipes forehead* That was the most amazing event that I have ever been privileged to host. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make sure the event was a successful one. It was a successful one indeed, but it flew by sooooooo fast! We still have one more wedding to successfully execute in August and I definitely will take everything that I learned during the traditional wedding and implement it at the wedding in August. I could not believe all the beautiful people that came from near and far to support my loving husband and me. Some people I have not seen since I was a child and some who I’ve never met before, lol. It was awesome! I ran around so much, changed three times, and spent a majority of my time on the dance floor. So I have to rely on the photos from the photographer to try to remember who all was present. It was definitely a packed house (600+ people), but I felt the incredible energy, love, and support from my guests.


My cousin Stacy mentioned something that really touched my heart. She said that the wedding brought everyone together and that what a family/community/village is about. All of my aunts (and my mother; especially her) who cooked and catered the wedding, uncles (and my Daddy) who contributed their time and strength, my brothers who drove back and forth to obtain the items that could not fit in my car and all the last minute items that I needed. Lastly, I REALLY want to thank my beautiful husband who has invested sooooooo much time and support to ensure that I received the traditional wedding of my dreams. I thank God for my circle every day.

Nigerian Liberian Wedding

My favorite part of the night was the “Daddy and Daughter Dance”. This is not typically done at a Traditional Nigerian wedding, but I’m so glad my Dad added that to the program. It took me back to when I was a child. My Dad would put on a record or cassette with our favorite songs and we would dance for hours. We definitely did not have much, but those were some of the best moments of my life. I will always be “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Another reason why that was the best part of the night for me was the fact that the DJ played one of my Dad and my favorite songs by Jean Baron Loketo. We both heard it come on and we already knew that we had to kill it!!! LOL. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT!!!

1st outfit of the night! I absolutely fell in love with the detail ☺


It was an Awesome, awesome, AWESOME occasion!! But I there are some things I have to remember at the August wedding.

Things to remember as a Bride:

1. My stylist, Thai Couture, mentioned that “Stella doesn’t know how to be a BRIDE!” I kept trying to cater to everyone else, organize the event, and setup the venue. I didn’t take enough time to relax and bask in the fact that that was MY day. So in August, I intend to kick my feet up relax, not worry about ANYTHING ☺

2. Everything will not always go as planned and the things that I worried about did not matter.

3. Communication…………the event ran smoothly, however my family members were never in one spot to take a family photo. We have very few with a couple of my family members and I wish that was coordinated better. So in August…….you guessed it……that is a must in order to keep a smile on my face. As I mentioned before, the big day went by too fast, but I am so glad that we had awesome photographers to capture moments that Jamaar and I will cherish forever! Bride or not, what are some important things to remember about a major event? Search the hash tag #WhenLiberiaMeetsNigeria on Instagram to watch video clips and see pictures that our lovely guests posted.

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One of my favorite traditions during an Igbo Wedding is the bride’s search through the crowd for her groom. Basically, the bride dances around with her “maidens” looking for the man she has chosen as a suitor.

Searching through the crowd for my hubby! My Bridesmaids and did a choreographed dance during this time. Click the hashtag #WhenLiberiaMeetsNigeria on IG for more footage.
Searching through the crowd for my hubby! My Bridesmaids and did a choreographed dance during this time. Click the hashtag #WhenLiberiaMeetsNigeria on IG for more footage.
The cheeky groomsmen pretending to be the husband I was searching for, lol!
Finally found my hubby!
After I found Jamaar and presented him to everyone, we received a prayer/blessing from our families. This is my Dad and Mom. Aren’t they so cute?!
Then it was Jamaar’s Mother and family’s turn.
Got a chance to chit chat with my best friend
2nd outfit!!! Party, party, PARTY!!!

Nigerian wedding cake

After Jamaar and I cut into the cake. I picked up a piece to indulge in. The second I opened my mouth to eat it, the MC called me for the Father and Daughter Dance. I had to put it back down…..I was so heart broken. LOL. The cake was gone by the time I got back to it. Must have been really good!

The toppers are a traditional male cap and a Gele (female head wrap/scarf).
We had an awesome Dj (DJ Tony) and an AMAZING band (Mr. V Sax and the Band)! The played the most recent Nigerian tunes and they were really good!
Our fabulous program of events


A staple in Igbo traditional weddings- A dancing Masquerade.

3rd Outfit Change
Some of my great Bridesmaids in their traditional Aso Ebi
My groom with some of his Groomsmen


BIG thanks to my fabulous vendors!
Thai Couture for all three of my fabulous outfits and concierge service IG: @thaicouture
J’Spice Makeup – Joanne Nwaogu (My makeup and some of the Maidens) IG: @JazzyIhuoma
Stace Face – Stacy C. Uzuh (Maiden’s makeup) IG: @Ohsostacy
Edible Imaginations – Mrs. Rita for the amazing cake IG: @Cakelady7918
Fred Agho (Photography) IG: @Fbaindmix
Gabriel Brown (Photography) IG: @GabeBrownPhotos 
Sweet Creations, Austin, TX for the impeccable décor
George Drake Studio (George Drake) – for awesome videography IG: @Georgedrakestudios
DJ Tony Austin, TX
Mr. Vsax and His Band for the current tunes of Naija
One Way Graphics – Chika Moma for photography during the traditional photo-shoot (prior to the wedding) IG: @onewaymedia
Visual Influence – Henry Adegbite for the videography during my traditional shoot IG: @henrodagreat 
Derek Emeka Robinson for designing our Monogram, invite, program, and thank you cards, 
Ms. Linda Ifeanyi for my dazzling jewelry IG: @Ujules 
My mother, Stella Njoku Sr. and Aunts for the delicious food
My Father and Uncles for providing the beverages
I also want to thank the baddest bridal party ever, my lovely Ase Obi, and my hubby boo Jamaar Anderson. We did it babe! I’m so happy and honored to be your wife. August 8th will be a day we will never forget! 
Lastly, to the third cord in my relationship, thank you for every blessing you have delivered to me. I would be NO where without HIM!


Until we meet again, keep smiling, love hard, and enjoy more photos from our hashtag  here.


P.S. I said “YES” to my dress on 2/14/15!!! Look out for my next post ☺