Lihi Hod 2015 “Film Noir in White” Collection

Kunbi O / Friday April 3, 2015

Alice 2

Israeli designer Lihi Hod does vintage bohemian elegance like no other. Her wedding dresses always exude a glamorous “jenesaisquoi” that just can’t be duplicated. The designer recently launched her 2015 collection entitled “Film Noir in White”- a title perfectly suited for her vintage old Hollywood aesthetic . I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Alice 1

Almond 1 Anastacia 1 Anastacia 2 Antique Violet 1 Ashley 1 Blanca 1 Blanca 3 Jennifer 4 Maple Tree 1

Maple Tree 3

Midnight Ballerina 1

Misty Rose 1

Misty Rose 2

Noelle 1

Noelle 2

Shila 1

Sophia 2

Sophia 3

Tamara 1 Tamara 4 White Orchid 1

If you’re looking to say yes to one of these ethereal beauties, Lihi Hod gowns are available in New York at Gabriella Bridal Salon