Introducing Blogger Bride Ashley of Suits and Sequins

Kunbi O / Monday April 27, 2015

Image by Renee Hollingshead http://www.reneehollingshead.com

Hello Aisle Perfect Readers! I’m so excited to share my first bridal blogger post with you. Things are getting more and more real each day, but it still feels like I’m in the most fabulous dream ever! Over the next year, I will share the fun {and tougher} parts of planning a wedding like selecting a venue, finding the perfect vendors for your special day, and shooting your engagement photos, just to name a few!


What’s Suits & Sequins?

Last year, I launched my business Suits & Sequins to showcase the fabulous work of the event planning community in the Washington, DC area. The community has truly embraced the business, vision and me along the way. I am truly grateful for them! I am a planner at heart but I prefer much smaller, intimate events like birthday celebrations, baby showers and more. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so I will definitely rely on these close contacts to do help guide me through the process!


How did you meet your fiance?
My fiance, Charles, and I both attended Catholic high schools in Washington, DC. But, for the first three years, I had no idea this super hot, talented, and smart guy even existed. During our senior year, his friend, who was also his classmate and in the high school choir, had a joint Christmas concert at my school. When Charles got up to leave, I spotted him across the room and whispered to my friend “He’s going to be my husband one day”. I stealthy bolted across the room within 15 seconds and introduced myself {very bold for a 16 year old} to him. And the rest is history…


Over the years, we’ve grown together in so many ways and I am so excited to officially become his wifey!! He’s always empowered me to achieve my goals and stand up for what I believe in and has been a valuable, loyal support system. And it’s always amazing when you can both switch between “smizing” and letting loose as evidenced below!



How did Charles propose?
Charles proposed with a surprise birthday/engagement party in January! Nobody had ever thrown me a surprise party {or any kind of party} to date. I’ve essentially been a project manager/planner since birth and would not allow anyone to plan anything, including my 10th birthday which featured a girls vs boys basketball game {I also had no issue “leaning in}. In fact, I originally had a SoulCycle ride planned that day with my friends. Thank goodness my best friend encouraged me to cancel – or I would not have had the fresh blow out you see below!


Stay tuned for next month’s post about the engagement festivities and a fun DIY to say “Thank You” to all of the many parties and gifts you’ll receive as you approach your big day! And don’t forget to follow @SuitsandSequins on Instagram for party inspiration.

Shine on! Ashley

portrait mages by Renee Hollingshead