Envelope Wedding Registry

Kunbi O / Wednesday April 22, 2015


Wedding registries are a hot topic for us here at Aisle Perfect- really, who doesn’t want to get gifts? This is why i am so excited to share this fabulous new wedding registry service with you. Envelope Registry not only takes the awkwardness out of asking for money in lieu of gifts, it also provides your wedding guests with an even more intimate method of gift-giving. There’s really no room for discussion, Envelope Registry is a winner!


Honestly,it’s 2015 and time to ditch restrictions on gift requests for the wedding. It’s YOUR wedding and they are YOUR loved ones- live your life! There’s really no point registering for items you do not need or want just because you don’t want to ask for what you really need. The stylish and convenient Envelope Registry gives couples the chance to choose the items they want to receive, while adding a personal touch of imagery and words.

You can assign cash amounts to gifts so your loved ones know what they’re paying for- like date night activities, or fancy coffee (because really, we need this more than anything else). With a collection of artsy imagery, there are so many cool ways you can style your Envelope registry so get started now!


Great news AP Couples! To celebrate their US launch, Envelope Registry is offering one lucky couple the chance to double their registry. Yay to more money! Head on over to Envelope’s website for more details on this contest.