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Kunbi O / Monday March 2, 2015

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 3

Before I begin…I’m so in love with our fall engagement pictures, and it was difficult to choose some for the blog because I loved them all. It’s amazing how our awesome photographer, Wale Ariztos, was able to capture our love so beautifully.

Wale did a friend’s wedding a few years ago, and I always remembered how gorgeous the pictures were. Then, funny enough, I got engaged, found Aisle Perfect and he was added to their list of Pretty Perfect Vendors. I took that as a sign and contacted him for a meeting. I mentioned the appointment to my work-boo and asked her who she had for her wedding and guess who it was…Wale Ariztos!! Side note:  I think some things in life are just meant to be and no matter where you go, the path always leads you down the same road. It was destiny.

Fall engagement pictures by wale photos#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 7

Wale’s work is phenomenal! He has a way of highlighting the beauty of love. However, it wasn’t just his body of work that drew me in, but he has a calming and sweet presence as well. Oh and he’s a funny character! I love working with people who have a great sense of humor. I knew this would be a good fit from the start.

We decided to split our engagement shoot into 2 sessions. Our fall session was done in Baltimore, MD (Calvin’s hometown), and we will “rep my city” (Washington, DC) in the spring. Although we both live in the same metropolitan area, we are over 20 miles apart and it feels like different sides of the world. So now that two will become one, we wanted this shoot to symbolize our union.

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 39

Sweet Engagement Pictures by Wale Photos

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 15

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 35

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 36

On one of our many dates, Calvin took me to Federal Hill Park that overlooks the Baltimore Harbor. It’s such a peaceful and beautiful place. That was probably one of our best dates, so of course we had to go there. My worry was the weather. Shooting in late November with no coat scared me. The week leading to the photoshoot was so cold, but fortunately the day of the shoot was warmer. Not hot, but bearable. The sun even came out once we got going. Such a beautiful day!

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 20

#APbride Phyllis' Engagement Pictures

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 24

I was a little nervous at the start of the shoot, but Wale has a way of making you feel so comfortable and gives great direction. Plus my rock, Calvin, kept me at ease. Whispering silly things in my ear and there is something about the way that man looks at me…he quiets every care or concern. The shoot went by so fast and it didn’t feel like work for us. Just another date out having fun together. Wale was able to capture such stunning scenery and angles. Again, his attention to detail is superb!

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 28

We loved because he first loved us

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 31

After the park, we drove to the bottom of the hill and took pictures at the American Visionary Art Museum, which was a hidden gem that we just happened upon. The funky artwork matched our personalities perfectly! Wale found this glass wall and worked magic with his camera.

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 48

Phyllis and Calvin

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 51

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 66

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 60

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 74

DC #engagementshoot by Wale Ariztos


I recommend that couples go with their guts when selecting a photographer. Yes cost is a big deal, but after the big day, the pictures last forever. I’m grateful to have beautiful memories to share with my children and family. Definitely worth every penny!! I’m looking forward to our spring session. Since we are going to my neck of the woods, I plan to incorporate some of my Sierra Leonean heritage with traditional attire. I can’t wait!! Until then, I probably spend at least 50 hours a week scrolling through our pictures.

#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 79
Special shout-out to my sister/MOH who was out personal assistant for the day.
#APbride Phyllis Engagement Shoot _ 80
Our photographer in action.

Wale, thank you for sharing your gift with us. You are the best!

xo Phyllis

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